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Advice Needed - In Alot Of Pain, How Can I Work?

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Hello, i was on accutane for 1 year and 4 months, 20/40/60/80 i was on 80 for quiet a while.

being on accutane i had pretty bad aches, everywhere if i walked around for a day holy fu*k my bottom of my feet legs, back like the pain is just unbelievable.

Even if i do NOTHING the whole day just leaning foward, Sitting down my back aches 24/7 i mean constant just everyday & everywhere it's really depressing, even if i move my leg to fast in the theighs they cramp out or i pull a muscel every time theres no way i could run etc.

I've been holding of work now i'm off accutane it's been a month and i'm still no better still in alot of pain, What should i do? I'm kind of scared i've stuffed my body for life, Will it improve over the months? I don't think i could phyiscally work in this pain without popping hundreds of pain killers.

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Oh man, thats a REALLY long coarse. I'm surprised they had you do it for so long. How long into the coarse did you get the joint pain? Most of the negative effects take a few months to go away, I would give it atleast the standard 6 month wait to see how you are feeling. Did your skin atleast clear up?

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Yeah it is i only just put my head together and relized, I hate the derm now when i think about it, It's because i have had inflammatory acne for the last 1 year because being on this accutane, and he if i go off it, it will scar for life, and i swear by staying on it it's done more bad, i still have this piece of shit inflammatory its killing me...

I don't remember being in to much pain i use to do gym every 2-3 days it's when i went up to 80 so probably 8-12 months, that sounds about right it's been a good 6 months and this pains been pretty fuc******* bad

and no i'm not happy with the results honestly it cleared me up SOOOOO MUCH, BUT If i didnt have this inflammatory i would be happy

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