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Alright I'm stoked to share this new find. After 5 years of no dairy I finally found a milk I can drink in the morning that doesn't make me breakout in red angry cysts like the gates of hell unleashed on me lol. I was reluctant to try it at first cause as soon as I see the word milk on a package in my mind I have big red exclammation mark flashing. But I read the label and it said 100% vegan and unsweetned and prior I had read on acne.org that the best milk to drink for acne sufferers is coconut milk as opposed to soy, rice milk. Sugar breaks us out and rice spikes blood sugar levels. Soy I read is bad because of hormonal acne.

I've drank 2 cartons of this vegan coconut milk it still no acne whatsoever.

Carton Description

Name of Product: Coconut Dream

Unsweetned Original

> Non Dairy Coconut Beverage

> Lactose & Dairy Free

> Carrageenan Free

> 100% Vegan (Box Side)

> Made From Real Coconuts

Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids


I believe there's different versions of this product, mine looks like this

> http://pfenningsorganic.ca/userContent/ecom/products/FFCCAB38-F346-36EC-87A0-4F27E1DD3DDB/thumbs/unsweetenedOrig.png

Middle row middle column

> [Link Removed]

Yeah it's a blurry image the only one I could find.


Where to find it

Prepared for

Hain-Celestial Canada. ULC

Toronto, Canada

Phone Number: [Removed]



Anyway hope I have given you guys some hope today. Best of luck.


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Hi! Can you please help me with the open wound/hole post you had posted a while back? I sent you a message but also wanted to try this as well. I'm new to this site and need some clarification on the method. Please reply! I'm desperate. Thanks 

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