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what if we got paid disability..

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i just think that would be funny, i mean shit acne is such a bitch. i seriously feel like my life would be 200% better without acne. god damnit i want some money from the government!!!

P.S. anyone (guys) get pimples on their upper lip after shaving?? THEY ARE SOME OF THE WORSE!!! PAINFUL!!! SH*TBAGS!!!!!! eusa_naughty.gif

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man where do these posts come from?

Personally, the worst for me are as follows

Upper lip = skin is stretchy there if you know what I mean

Temples = I get the bigguns here

Neck = strecthy again, squeezing doesn't work

Nose = oh my old adversary. I have a giant crater on the tip. Very nice

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That's actually kind of stupid. Years ago people with REAL disabilities (such as spinal cord injuries) didn't even get what they deserve. Obviously I think having acne is one of the worst things ever (especially when its severe and a lot of treatments are so damn expensive) but I'd rather work for it and pay than have a real problem and get money every month because of it. I always bitch about my job but say I keep it because of the money and my boyfriend says, "I wish I had a job. At least you have one. I get money every month but look what its for. " He can't walk guys. Just be happy you're not in a position like that where you actually qualify for disability.

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Excuse me? I can read just fine, thanks. No need to be a jerk about it. I was talking about what the original poster wrote. Get a clue.

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