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My parents would never say that to me. They know that I'm way to sensitive about it.

I'm sorry that you're parents say that to you, don't they know that it's not your fault that you have acne? That's very insensitive. I hope you have other people in your life to support you. Good luck and I wish you well biggrin.gif

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TMLgirl's right. They are being very insensitive. No parent should say that to their child. But, now you know how much it hurts and you won't be that way if you have kids. And you're not alone.

*gives Pika a hug*

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Tell them its not your fault you look like a monkey - "its in the genes."


What kind of parents would say something like that.

How horrible of them.

Sorry Pika cry.gif.

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i yelled at my mom when she was telling me i was ugly

no one should disrespect you in anyway no matter who they are and what it is

Remember! after elementary school you don't have to take shit from no bodday

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I give you and advice pika. Even though your parents are assholes. You shouldn't discourage them. Don't listen to their criticism. Be strong and try to impress them by doing positive things. As for myself, I never had that problem. I let acne take over my life and look me now. Feeling fustraded and trying to many things on my face make me overrated.

Today, I'm taking a stand, if nobody is saying shit about my face it's good. If they are I will ignore them. You should do the same. Even though is your parents. But, I know how you feel....

Just to let you know everyone in this forum cares and I do...


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I cant believe your parents said that, and i used to think my parents were bad. eusa_pray.gif

Sorry Pika. If your parents dont understand the way you feel, then ignore them completely because you have no reason to feel that way. No one does.

Especially people on these boards. sad.gif

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