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Acne and Sun

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I used to have some acne on my back.

I went to Hawaii in June with my husband; we were there for about 9 days.

During my first 2 days there I got really tanned/burnt.

Because I’m naturally tanned(My decent) I didn’t think I would really burn but I was careless and I got burnt.

Anyways My acne went away drastically Im talking 100% gone...like there was nothing there ever and my skin looked great after my burn went away that is.

Now its November and I haven’t seen a pimple on my back since!

I know they say the suns horrible for your skin eusa_naughty.gif ... but it did me pretty good.

Any opinions on the sun as a natural healer?

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Sun initially helps my acne, but then it gets worse, a lot worse.And that is the case for many acne sufferers while about 10% get some benefit from the the sun.I am glad it was helpful for you.I loved Hawaii when we went.

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Funk, im glad to hear that theirs sum1 out there that has fully recovered from their acne. I envy you. cry.gif

Can i ask you what did you do when you did have acne???

I think staying under the sun too long for me would just make things worse.

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the sun also helps me. i have seborrheic dermatitis which is very much connected to acne. it helps alot..... i use sunbeds (not the turbo powerful ones) 2 - 3 times a week for 10 minutes

sunlight also helps related conditions such as psoriasis

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My skin also gets better from the sun - I suffer from eczema, and in the summer I rarely ever get a patch, while in the winter I'm just covered in lesions. A tan gets rid of my red marks too...which is what I used to do before I started getting older and thinking about aging...lol...now I'm on a great regimen which is fading away my marks without the sun...although sunlight always provided immediate results.

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I went to Hawaii several years ago, and the sun did work wonders for my acne. I have not heard any scientific evidence as to why this could work, but I suspect it works by drying out the skin, and thefore, the sebum.

Less Sebum, less prone to bacteria, less acne...etc.

However, it is very easy to let the sun ruin the skin, which can result in worse acne, among a plethora of other skin disorders (cancer, among others).

The best thing I've heard about is to use an oil free sunscreen, and continue a regimen of Benzoyl Peroxide, or salicylic acid...etc.

If you all are interested, I will do research on sunlight for acne, and post it up online.

But Funk, I'm glad to hear it worked for you... I think hawaii can be a cure all for just about anything! wink.gif

Greg P.

Acne Treatments - Information and product reviews of acne treatments that work.

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Keep in mind that it could have also been the ocean that helped clear up your acne...salt water can do wonders! Even if you are not swimming in it, just being by the salt water ocean breeze can have an effect.

And yes, even my DERM admitted that a little bit of sun=good for acne, while a lot of sun=bad for acne. So you have to find the balance that works for you. I personally tan about once a week in one of the high pressure beds.

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that's what happened to me. I'm really white and my back and arms used to be horrible. I got tanned 3 years ago and looked like a Native American, really

since then I didn't have a lot of problems with my back

and my arms are perfect even today

if you don't count the allergic reaction to antibiotics that I got yesterday ...

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I'm not an expert but it's a combination of the UV rays and drying effect of the sun that helps, and of course some of the effect is due to superficial camouflage.

Excessive tanning will damage your skin later on, but a little won't hurt.

There are products on the market that emit "Red and Blue Lights" at a certain frequency to help clear up acne.

I was one of the few people involved in the original trials of these things but I was a bit sceptical about it, so didn't really use the gun they gave me as much as I should have.

They are expensive though!





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