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Thinking About Starting The Regimen But Unsure Of What Products To Buy/how Frequently?

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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about starting the regimen as I have moderately bad acne on my face and back, and it has started to really affect my daily life as well as my self-esteem. It has gotten so bad that I an ashamed to wear low back tops and dresses without a cardigan or something to cover the gap. I am constantly anxious about people seeing my back, even my long term partner!

I have tried everything from store-bought products to antibiotics, and even the pill (though it did more harm than good, so now I have the implant). I am currently using Biore charcoal face scrub twice a day which seems to be working for my pores but not doing much for any acne. Also, I'm using a standard Clearasil "fast-acting" face wash twice a day. Fast acting my ass! It doesn't seem to be doing anything at all!

Due to having issues with acne on my back as well as my face I'm unsure of what products to buy. I am looking at the large kit but would that also work for my back? If not, what do I need to add? Also, because of the larger area I need to wash etc how fast will I go through the 16 oz bottles? I live in the UK and I can't really afford to be importing this stuff every month. Every other month maybe? If I can see an improvement.

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The Regimen is definitely not something you get into lightly. It requires times, effort and patience. I say do your research first before going out and spending your money. I have a link in my signature below to answer a few questions you might have regarding The Regimen.

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My experience is that you really dont go thru a kit every month, like they say. I've been on the regimen 2 months and have barely made a dent in my 8 oz bp. And 2 pumps of cleanser is excessive, imo. Although I use Cerave products instead of dans now (cleanser & moisturizer) I use his cleanser on my back and nothing else and it has helped me bacne a lot. Although I think what's helped it the most is my birth control.

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