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Amino-Plex Spray

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I heard users on this site referring to the Amino-Plex spray and found it online for $50, 1 oz. size. I just did Tca cross 3 weeks ago and would like any comments on the spray as to if it will heal my skin any faster etc. I mean, I'm tired of spending money on these lotions, creams and what not and in the end they don't do what they claim to. Anyone who's used it please give some feedback on it, thanks.

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Guest Scorpioness

I went through three bottles of Amino Plex and I wasn't impressed. I mean, it leaves the skin moisturized and it didn't break me out... but using it on my CROSS sites did not make them heal any faster. For the price, I definately won't be repurchasing.

Zinc oxide cream works just as well, IMO (plus it's super cheap), but if you are sensitive to the petroleum or mineral oil in it, Silvadene might be a good alternative option for you.

I prefer using colostrum post CROSS, however it isn't moist (it is a powder) so it's best to mix it with Aquaphor, zinc oxide, or something else to keep the skin moist.

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Firstly, you can get amino-plex for $32 (without p+p) by sending a PM to the acne.org member Richardskin, who sells it through his skincare company.

I agree that this is a lot of money. I have used 2 bottles of amino-plex, andcan only afford to use it every 3 months or so, as I get through it quite quickly. I have found that it helps the healing of my new scars, fading the redness somewhat. It is not a miracle product, though, so it's best to take the ecstatic reviews with a pinch of salt.

Overall, I would recommend it, but there are other options that can yield good results that are much cheaper. (eg: apple cider vinegar, lactic acid peels, colostrum etc)

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