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2 weeks post-breakdown - i used cool water and my fingers to gently rub off dead skin that was building up on my face again and it looks red and raw again but i know that improves. it doesnt look much better, in fact i think it slowly got worse but thats in terms of clogged pores? like, theres less breakouts where its active pimples, its more that my skin texture is very bumpy all over and still very oily idk. ive also decided to stop taking the pill as it only caused hormonal acne, terrible mood swings and greasier skin (didnt believe that was possible), and besides theres really no point for me to use it seeing as i am gay, i literally only got it to see if it would have an effect on my skin.

it would have been day 37 if i hadnt exfoliated the dead skin mask early and started splashing with water every few days, but im still going. im determined to get the skin i used to have back, it would be a load off on my mental health

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hi i know i havent posted here much but i feel like posting about it jinxes things yk? also it doesnt seem like anyone is reading anymore but hey ho.

anyway, its day 40 since i started the caveman regimen and im happier with my skin. redness is definitely fading and active pimples that do appear are very small and go away easily and im finally seeing my natural complexion again, im so stoked! im not sure whether its down to the not washing, or the fact ive only been drinking purified water or whether its because i just got back from where it was a hot climate and that has an effect on your skin. i stuck with my vegetarianism the whole time, stopped avoiding dairy as much as i used to and still ate so much junk. either way! the only problem rn is the dead skin/dryness, blackheads and oiliness, but i feel like the oiliness is subsiding everywhere except my nose and im exfoliating by rubbing with just my fingers and water a couple times a week. ive noticed the little breakouts i do get are from picking especially around my eyebrows and mouth, which is another problem that im slowly stopping, or hormones which means there are still little tiny bumps around my cheeks and jaw but they are going (no thanks to teenage-hood and microgynon 30!) i didnt say my skin was perfect, but that im happier than i was.

anyway, i do recommend this caveman regimen if youve absolutely given up with everything and are looking for a final solution as it is tough to stick with and can cause many emotional issues, trust me, and does take a couple of months out of your life. but its always worth a shot, as there are no long-term damages done as with harsh chemicals yknow. mine got far far worse and didnt show any improvements until over a month later so you do have to be patient, give it 2 months at the least, like any other regimen youd try. please please please feel free to ask me questions or advice or anything at all bc i want to help people thinking of trying this. or, you can visit thelovevitamin.com where a girl called tracey tried this for her severe acne and cleared her up, and she gives a bunch of info and advice on her website about it and thats where i first heard about it (im not trying to sell anything, im but a loser on the net looking to feel confident and look normal). anyway, im kicking myself for ever starting to use chemicals on my face 4 years ago. damn clear-faced 12 year old me! why so gullible?

obviously if push comes to shove, id use a gentle scrub on my face to get rid of any loose flakes but if the dead skin is under control by the end of the month (because of school and seeing my girlfriend, and i will try to update on the condition of my skin) i dont see a purpose.

i also forgot to mention i also stopped taking lymecycline a couple of weeks ago which i have yet to see have an effect on my skin!

wish you all the best!

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