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Allergic to BP

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I wanted to try Dan's regimen if the prescription med I was on (retin a micro) didnt work. It didnt, so I tested some BP to make sure I wasnt allergic...and I was. I got awful bright red patches of skin that hurt and itched horribly wherever I put a dab of BP!! So reluctantly I went back to the derm for yet another prescription med (tazorac), which I've been on for 6 weeks with little to no improvement yet. What I want to ask is, is there anyone out there who foudn out that they were allergic to BP or their skin couldn't handle it? Are there any regimens that might work similarly to Dan's BP regimen that someone allergic to BP could try? I see all these people getting great results from the regimen, but it makes me so sad that I can't try it eusa_doh.gif Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks biggrin.gif

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well I think you could use the regimen as a bit of template and slot in another preventative/antibacterial med...ie: Tea Tree oil and give it a try. Your results won't be exactly the same as if you were using bp.

But before you do that you might want to check in on the precription board and see how long it takes users to respond to Tazorac.

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Thanks for the advice, I have some tea tree oil and I think I'll try using that along with the tazorac for a while, 'cause lots of taz people say you should give it more than 6 weeks...so I will. However, I don't know how much I should dilute the tea tree oil! It comes pure...

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