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Bring Prescription Medicine Overseas To The U.s.

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Hello, I am currently in South Korea where Accutane is extremely cheap, even without insurance! Maybe because it's not as extensively regulated here compared to the States. I am taking a 10 mg pill once a day, 7 days a week and I just started on the first day today. Suddenly I had a revelation:

Will it be okay to bring one year's worth of Accutane pills overseas to America?

I am leaving at August, so I will be on the pills for only two months. However, I'm extremely confused if I can bring any Accutane with me considering how it is monitored are in two different extremes. America has this oath I have to take, blood tests, urine tests, and since I'm a woman, birth control pills. Korea is very lax when it comes to prescribing me the medicine so if I come to America, I feel like I will be forced to find a dermatologist to continue my prescription I bought in Korea or worse, seize my medication at the airport screening.

Any insight? I have read many articles, including one from WebMD that confused me even more, and scoped answers around the forums here but with no success. I'm assuming it'll be okay since Accutane isn't illegal but I want a second opinion, also I have no idea who to call for this sort of situation. TSA? State department? My dermatologist isn't sure either.

Thanks to anyone who can answer this!

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Hi! I'm not sure who you should call either but I believe if you bring your prescription label'd bottle with you and keep the pills in that you should be fine.

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Was wondering, were you able to bring the medicine with you over seas? My mom's side of the family lives in Korea and since I don't have great insurance in America and it's extremely extremely difficult to get accutane here I asked my emo to send me a year's worth (10mg).

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