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Controlling Acne Nlite and Microdebrasion Advice?

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I recently discovered Nlte and Microdebrasion and went to my local dermatologist for a consultation but wasn't convinced. I would say I have slight to moderate acne with mainly white spots and blackheads with the occasional breakouts On my face. I've also got scarring and spots on my back. I need advice, does anyone recommend Nlite or Microdebrasion??? Im concerned with the side effects..

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I don't know anything about Nlite, but I definitely recommend Microdermabrasion -- for mild to moderate acne in any case. I had what most people would consider mild acne when I started going -- but my skin looks great now -- the best it's looked since I was 10 (not counting when I took anti-androgens, during which period my skin looked really good as well)

The clinic I go to has before and after pictures of people who have more severe acne, and their results look pretty amazing, but the nurse did warn that it's not powerful enough to treat deep scarring. So, if you have light scarring and moderate acne, and can afford it, I'd definitely go for it!

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To my knowledge N-Lite is not approved for treating acne.

Microdermabrasion is manual exfoliation and may help in treating acne, but if your acne is moderate to severe, this would probably not be the best treatment.

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I had microderm when I was younger and had acne, and it definitely helped clear it up for a while. I'm actually thinking of asking my derm to do it again to help with some mild scarring on my cheeks...

It will DEFINITELY help clear out the blackheads you've got.

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i have had my third nlite 6 weeks ago and have been clear since. the level was raised to 3.5 which is why i think i saw much improvement. i am also using isotrexin cream. sorry for the contradiction to what many say but nlite has cleared my acne, it has been the only treatment that has. i went out without makeup on today and i knew i could get away with it. i felt so un-self-conscious.

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