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Hi! I used to have quite the case of acne and it left all these discolourations behind. I've been battling red marks since I was 12 and high school is coming up and I'm beyond scared to show up like this.

I'm not sure if it's hyperpigmentation or post-acne erythema.. I'm using Dan's AHA every night and SPF 110 every morning. I've been using it for eight months now to no avail.

The pictures might be blurry, you just have to click on them. Not sure why it does that.

Any recommendations? Thanks :) I'm 14 years old if that helps anything haha



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That's post-acne erythema. You really need to see a doctor to correctly evaluate your condition (seems severe) and give you a treatment plan. You risk permanent scarring that can seriously affect your self esteem which in turn can and will affect your high school career. You really don't want acne getting in your way, especially in highschool and college years - those are extremely valuable and precious they can mold you into a person you don't or do want to be!! Listen to me and go to a reputable dermatologist, you still have time.

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I read that if you apply pressure to the red marks and that they temporarily disappear, it's erythema. If they don't, it's postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, which isn't permanent.

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I've had a lot of post acne redness and I've gotten spot treatments with the Vbeam laser at my dermatologist and had EXCELLENT results. The downside is you want to do this at a time you can kind of hide out at home, because sometimes you can bruise from the laser. Which takes a week or two to go away. But then it just keeps getting better and better, it's amazing for post acne redness! Make sure you find a dermatologist that has a lot of experience and knowledge of lasers.

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