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hallo, peepz

juz wonderin if cetaphil wash helps with ur acne...

ma skin's all dry and flaky when i use BP, but i juz ignore (more like dun care) doubt.gif

i'm givin up. and thinking of going bak to a simple routine. ie. salicylic morning, bp wash night and avoid any more topical medication

wanna go simple

btw, i hav hormonal acne. pimples erupt terribly during dat certain time. and i hate it.

all ma fwenz hav clear skin so i'm feelin down.

oh and yes, shud i wash ma face when it's oily? or juz leave it and not touch it

thanks heaps


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ok, for the past months, i've been using all these facial washes. like 3 different kinds in the same day because i thought they each did different things. but my skin got all flakey & crap when i tried this new makeup (aquasmooth). & i really liked this makeup, so i decided that my washes were doing something.

so i stopped using all my washes. & started just cetaphil. & my skin isn't flakey anymore. & i found that my skin is not as oily, when seriously, before, i was always SUPER oily. this might be from my new makeup, but whatever. also, my skin isn't as red all the time.

bottom line, cetaphil is awesome, i <3 it. it cleans off really easily too & leaves skin all soft & stuff. ^__^

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I really like the Purpose soap bar for the face...that helps with acne.

But I must say the cetaphil is less drying on the face.

Right now Im washing with Cetaphil twice a day and Retin A at night and as of now the two are working really well together.

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