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eZero G

Ultimate Natural Homemade Acne Prevention

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First of all, my acne ranges from mild to moderate. I am 17 years old, and have had acne since I was around 9 or 10, and have had so many troubles with it. I have used Proactiv, and many many more products and topical, which unfortunately, failed their purpose. Only product that worked for me is Benzoyl Peroxide, but I discontinued it because of the long term effect it causes, including increased hyperpigmentation of skin, and rapid aging. In addition, my father, who is a doctor, scold me about using too much chemicals on my face. I have been using many of these products for some time, but none every prevented new acnes forming up. It's usually one zit a day for me. I have acne on my right and left cheeks, but not my forehead. Well, here's my observation, and conclusion:

All the use of these products and medication caused my skin to irritate and get damaged, making it more prone to acne. I have been persistent for them to disappear so I do all these kinds of stuff to them, and sometimes, spending hours upon hours in front of a mirror applying medication, observing them, and such. It was a big mistake for me to do that because irritation causes acne, not dirt. Well, I did many many research on acne, including home remedies, and here's some tips I constantly follow.

<b>-Do not drink water 1 or 2 hours before and after you eat.</b>

-Dirt does not necessarily cause acne so washing face 5 times daily won't prevent it, and using products just irritates and damages the face so <b>try washing it with warm, then cold water only. Do this twice a day.</b>

<b>-Bread and other similar products are a no-no.</b> This, from my observation, causes breakouts. Pizza does certainly cause breakouts.

<b>-Drink 10 or more glasses of water</b>

<b>-Sweat a lot everyday</b>

<b>-Apply vinegar, and leave it on, once a day</b>

<b>-Optional (but it seems to be doing a major effect on prevention): Go to SPAs, Jacuzzis, Swimming Pools, or use steam to sweat your face.</b>

<b>-Increase your sleeping hours by one or two. Sleep at least 8 hours a day</b>

<b>-No Stress</b>

<b>-Do not touch the face to check if you have newly formed zits. This is very very very important. Even though it itches or whatever. Do not let it get touched even by clothes or whatever. Just don't touch.</b>

That's all I do, and I seem to have been doing a good job at it. I have been doing it for two weeks, and all that's left on my face are my hyperpigmentated spots left from previous acnes.

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