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Hello, my situation is such:

I began taking B5 at 10 Grams per day around 2 months ago. I noticed impressive initial results for around one week and then my face began producing oil again (Accompanied by a breakout.) About five days later I began to believe that my B Complex might be the cause of the renewed oil production (I did not start on a complex until a week after my start of B5.) I got off the complex, noticed small improvements, probably just a placebo effect. Anyway, last week I jumped up to 20 to 21 grams a day and had excellent initial results. Today and yesterday my face began to produce massive quantities of oil again. My only reasoning is that perhaps my diet changes from home food to cafeteria school food might have changed something but even that seems hard to believe.

I am taking the following vitamins in addition to B5:

Vitamen E, 400 I.U. [twice a day]

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene); 25,000 .IU. [once a day]

Chromium, 200 MCG [once a day]

"Akne Zyme" 10, 000 more Vitamin A; 10 mg of Niacin, small quantities of C, B6, B12, B5; zinc 30 mg, sulfur 200 mg, bromelain 200mg, Ribonucleic Acid 20 mg, Burdock 10mg; [Twice a day]

Multi-Vitamin, Items of note: 50 mg of the standard B's, additional chromium, 75 mcg Biotin.

2 Mg of Copper Pill

B-50 Complex [Once a day]

I wash with Neutrogena, "Loreal Step 1" Astringent and pore cleansor, and some sort of Sulfur soap. I also apply a Sea Breaze Oily Skin astringent several times a day. I also use Clearasil very often depending on the amount of whiteheads on my face. Among the other things at my disposal are both Docycline and Tetracycline along with a prescription BP wash and Tazorac.

I will say I have had overall improvement with B5, but, as said, my skin has began to produce oil in globs again, something it was not doing a mere two days ago. Today I also began a topical B5 treatment, we'll see how far that gets me.

Are there any known B5 inhibitors? I'm looking for anything... dietary... shower tempature... small things that may make a difference. Help/theories would be appreciated.

Each time I raise my B5 dose I tend to have a loose stool that stabilizes just around the period that the oil begins producing again. Coincidence? Who knows, I'm looking for any subtlety.

In any event, I appreciate your help and time.

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