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Panacea Elixir - Colloidal Silver - Cured My Adult Acne!

I've been a member here for 7 years and haven't visited in a few years, honestly because I'd lost hope a little bit and I felt that reading about acne so much was making me obsess with mine and made it worse on an emotional level (thoughts have a DEFINITE effect on acne and the rest of the body!).

Now I've come back because I need to tell you guys about something I found that has cured my acne which has been troubling me for 9 years. I've tried practically everything and now I'm happy and confident again! I wrote this up in the product reviews section which I'll share here:

After 9 years of adult acne, I've FINALLY found something that works! I saw this reviewed in a magazine and then came online to find lots of other reviews/blogs singing it's praises. I was actually a bit skeptical as it seemed too good to be true and I've been let down by other products so much. I really lost my faith but I'm SOOOO happy I gave this a chance because I haven't felt so good in years! I spray this on morning and evening after washing my face with a natural wash (Salcura Antiac) and apply diluted vegetable glycerin on after as a moisturizer with lots of water. If I'm having a no-makeup day at home, I'll also spray it on once or twice in between.

The ingredients are all natural, bio-dynamic and organic and/or wild-crfated which is a definite plus for me because I've found chemicals either dry my skin out too much, make it too thin/sensitive (resulting in scarring) or break me out. After using this for a few weeks, my skin is the best it's been in years, no new breakouts, my pores are shrinking, my scars are fading and my skin is looking more, balanced(?) it just looks normal for once I guess!

The only catch is the price, $36 for 50ml and $68 for 100ml (they also do a trial bottle for $12) but I'm happy to pay this after spending so much on other treatments and the ingredients are so high quality, the price is understandable. I've been using the 100ml for around 3 weeks now and the bottle is still around 3/4 full so in the long run, it's really not that bad, maybe $20 a month. If you can't afford it, maybe look for something else with colloidal silver in. It's the last ingredient but I'm guessing this plays a big role in clearing acne while the other ingredients help with the overall condition of the skin. I'm only guessing though so if you have the money, definitely give this a try and report back.

I hope this works as much for everyone else as it did for me. The confidence I've gained from it feels amazing! Just be sure to give it a fair chance and find a wash and moisturizer that doesn't break you out. This will probably help even if the other products aren't perfect but at this price, I wanted to be sure I was giving it a fair test.

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