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Another "How is my face" (Picture)

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Here it is. Can you tell that all of these are actually red marks? My skin is very smooth. I'm just waiting for them to fade now.

Is it bad? Like if you saw me, would you feel a bit uncomfortable?

user posted image

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your skin is not that bad at all!!! you look like practically every other guy I see walking around at my college. At least you only have red marks, not like big oozing pimples all over the place, and your red marks aren't even that red- more like pink. If your really that bothered by it, go out and get some oil free concealer that matches your skin tone.........I mean if girls can do it, then guys should too!!!

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dude, don't even stress it...if you actually look at it, you can tell they are red marks but it doesn't matter, you shouldn't worry...Acne creates an obsession that you have to beat yourself, I used to think my skin was terrible and lived life under the covers everyday, now my skin is probably 10 times worse than it was in those days but my way of thinking about it changed and its not a bid deal anymore...

your skin looks good smile.gif , if you were an asshole I would feel uncomfortable, I wouldn't feel uncomfrtable if I just saw your face, lol

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haha thanks guys. i posted another picture in another thread a few days ago. i went back and checked it out again, and i could really see a difference. in just a few days, too!

lemme find that picture, for old times sake.

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It seems like they're fading pretty well and fast! You have light skin so...As long as the acne's under control those should fade pretty well, you shouldn't worry about them...If you have the money you could get IPL treatments at the derm (Intense Pulse Light) which can help fade pink marks and speed healing but it's $250-500 per treatment, it has no downtime. But looks like plain old time and good skin care should fade the redness.

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