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AMAZING spot treatment for pimples

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Hey, ive been on the regimen for about 2 months, and its been working well. while im not 100% perfectly clear, i have definately improved a lot. On average i get about 2-3 medium size new pimples per week. up until a week ago at least. Ive discovered that using a dab of 10% bp on pimples overnight works wonders! Since it is so drying, it dries it right out and the sucker is gone in 1-2 days. plus, i put it on ones that are just starting to form, and not only are they smaller, less red, and only stick around 1/2 as long as before, sometimes it prevents them from forming a head etc 100%. What i do now is after moisturizing (a lot) i use a dab on the pimples and only the pimples. Look for small suspicious looking bumps and zap those too. While it does speed up the healing process, they sometimes still have hyperpigmentation, so dont slack on the normal bp (try extra hard to keep them from forming in the first place! ) try it, i think youll like it.

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Well, i dont think that it is a groundbreaking new discovery, but then again i would be surprised if many people who "follow the regimen to a T" do this step also. you dont have to be negative about it, im just trying to help people out and let them know what worked for me.

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Thanks man, I haven't really thought of doing it. I had some big pimples awhile ago and used the 10% like hell on them and they were gone pretty soon, but I never really thought of adding that with the Regimen.

Will try, thanks again.

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in this case, you use the 10%s drying nature to your advantage, it dries out the badboy and makes healing time more than twice is fast in my case. as long as your not spreading 10% over your whole face, it can be quite effective. let me know if it works!

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