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21, Suddenly Getting Tons Of White Heads On Chin/jaw & Other Acne?

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I'm 21 and even as a teenager I rarely ever experienced breakouts. But lately, I've been getting tons of recurring white heads, mostly around my chin, lips, and jawline. Sometimes the pus is even yellow. When I pop them, no matter what I try, they return--and usually multiply. I've tried drying my acne out with plain Ivory soap, hydrogen peroxide, hand sanitizer with aloe, and even neosporin ointment in the hopes that it'd clear up any bacteria. I do have a few normal pink pimples showing up as well, and I've even spotted a couple of blackheads on my face--which I've literally never had before in my life.

This has all been happening over the past 3 weeks or so. In case it's because of my diet, I've tried adding more fruit & healthy food, but I'm a very healthy size and I exercise several times a week, so my regimen hasn't changed much. I also take daily vitamins & always have.

The only other things that are quite odd are persistent acne--it's mild, but still--between my breasts that's been there for at least a month or two; and what I assume is a stubborn cystic pimple--just one--on my left buttock which has been there for about 3 weeks now. It's also quite tender to the touch. All this seems so bizarre to me, especially as none of it will go away.

What could this be caused by? Is there a way to get rid of it? I feel so frustrated--trying to get rid of these pimples has only left me with huge cuts, dried-out flaky skin on my face, and even more acne.

If anyone could help me resolve this issue, I would appreciate it so, so much!! Thank you in advance for any & all responses!

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sounds hormonal. Typically acne around the jaw line is from a horomone imbalance. Try taking Cod liver oil with vitamin a and d in it to balance that or some sort of omega 3 of your choice.

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