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Suggestion For Everyone. Strange, But Working So Far.

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It does sound a little strange, but for the past week, I've been mixing a probiotic in with my regular moisturiser and I'm actually seeing a difference in my skin. Open acne seems to be healing faster and I had a patch of red, itchy skin (eczema) on my cheek which completely healed within a few days.

I put the moisturiser in the palm of my hand. Cut the top off a probiotic capsule and tip about quarter of the capsule into the moisturiser and mix with my finger. The probiotic is in a powder-like form, but doesn't feel gritty or grainy once it's mixed for a while.

Probiotic yogurts or drinks might be good for a cleanser / face mask, but haven't tried that yet so I can't comment.

It's worth a try :)

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Wow DD, it's weird that you mentioned it...I was just scanning this site to see if anyone had results with probiotics like I have. About 3 months ago I began taking probiotics (one-a- day pill) to help me with a digestive issue. To my pleasant surprise I began experiencing some GOOD side effects; one being my acne clearing up! (Or perhaps better said: barely any new breakouts) At first (not immediately connecting it with the probiotics) I thought "guess I better take advantage of this one week with no new breakouts"; same went for the following week, & the following, etc. Well now its been about 3 months of taking probiotics (began seeing improvement after about 6 weeks) & I'm 80-90% cleared of my moderate-severe acne! I have mostly bacterial type acne so I guess getting some of that good bacteria in my system to "kick out" the bad makes perfect sense! But since I'm no doctor, and its only been 3months, I'll just continue riding this "wave of clear skin" for as long as it lasts!

Just curious if there are any probiotic users out there...

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I've heard of probiotics doing wonders for the skin. Interesting post, I'm glad that you ladies are seeing results !!! =)

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I have given up on soaps and wash my face with 0% Fat Fage Greek yogurt and it is the best thing I've done for my skin and my teenage son's as well. It is also great as a 30 minute mask. I tried this after reading an article about probiotics being helpful topically and internally for acne.

Would you mind sharing the brand of probiotics which is giving you good results?

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I don't know if all probiotics are "created equal"...but the only one I've been using is called Culturelle, taking just one a day with breakfast and still getting complimented on my clearing skin.

I like the sound of the "yogurt mask treatment" @gingergirl22 I will give it a try! Thanks.

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I have always had mild to moderate acne, the only thing that helped me was taking an antibiotic everyday, but I was afraid I might be doing more harm than goodgood to my immune system so I stopped and the flare ups started again, finally I got on yazman, I felt like this was the lesser of the 2 evils and this seems to keep it under control, however I would still have mild breakouts around my period this wasn't a huge deal except for the fact they wouldn't go away for 2 weeks or so, making it so I only would have a week long period of clear skin before the breakouts started again, so my answer to this was to stop allowing myself to have have a period which has actually worked great!

The problem is I know the dangers of Birth Control as well and not allowing myself to have a period isn't hurting me but obviously it's not natural, everytime I have tried to stop birth control I breakout with deep almost cycstic ance that is painful and makes me feel extremly insecure, I am 35 years old for goodness sake!

My son is 18 and poor kid got bad skin issue from his dad and me so he unfortunately has ance worse than I ever have I was researching acne treatments for him actually so I have a millions options of course but if this natural regime with probiotics works for him maybe I can finally get off of birth control too!

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