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How to help fade your redmarks

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Since lots of people are asking how to get rid of their redmarks, I thought I would share what I know.

SA (Salicylic Acid) - Will over time fade redmarks, the preferred SA cleanser on these boards is usually Clean & Clear Advantage.

BP (Benzoyl Peroxide) - I have heard people complain that BP has effects on their redmarks, that they last longer and their redder..So I would stay away if possible.

Vita-K solution for blotchy skin - I used this on one of my redmarks and noticed good results within two weeks. I got some blackheads around the area cuz I applied to much though.

Latic acid peels - Are really effective for treating redmarks I have heard, personally I havent used them. Search the boards to get more info about them.

Apple cider vinegar - Used to treat redmarks and help with overall skin tone, I have used this for quite a while. I just saw a old friend and she said my face was getting whiter, so its working good. The thread with more info and how to do it


Mederma - Doesn't help fade redmarks, but I applied some to my redmarks and it smoothed out the skin. Before it was bumpy and bad, but now my remaining redmark is just a little red and the skin is smooth and happy.

Retina - I have heard it really helps fade redmarks, I got some but Im to scared to use it because it will make your face all red and peel.

Most people like to wait for their redmarks to fade on their own, they do fade on their own but this could take two to six months usually.

And try to stay away from cremes as they dont work to good, if any. Like these:


And this one that has 3% BP and 2%SA for $20.. Like its really gonna heal ur acne with that much bp


hope i helped someone

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hi pika, thanks for that info.

looks like the hottest treatment for red marks as of now is...

-Baking soda wash after cleansing

-Apple Cider Vinegar right after the baking soda wash

u can use ur acne cream and sunscreen with SPF after this.

the idea is to balance the ph of ur skin. Baking soda is basic in nature and vinegar, acidic. so ph of ur skin becomes neutral....and ur skin problems will vanish!

its worth a try. Many ppl swear by this.

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OUCH!...I would HIGHLY recommend NOT using baking soda on an acne prone face (which describes all of us here!) every single day --- unless you want a massive acne breakout. Maybe use it once a month, if at all! The rest of the time, use it for scrubbing a dirty sink and pots & pans!! eusa_naughty.gif

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does salicylic acid really help? oh cool. all this time ive been using noxzema as a cleanser. now im gonna use neutrogena 60 second mask scrub it has 1% sa.

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