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Hello there!


I didn't have much of a problem during my teenage years. 1 to 3 acnes during the time of the month, and they get cleared pretty quickly too.

I started having more breakouts when I reached my 20s. Most of the time around my jawline and chin area.

Once, I touched makeup for the first time and my face broke up with many tiny little bumps. I immediately seek a doctor and was prescribe a gentle form of antibiotic known as tetracycline. And I was cleared.

Happened every once in awhile. And the antibiotic cleared it.

I even used my clarisonic mia 2 to cleanse my face and I was cleared within a month.

But recently, my face was breaking out with small bumps. Ate that tetracycline, didn't worked, instead all the bumps were slowly purging out into cystics.

My first time having cystics. And they hurt like hell when touched. I immediately flew to my doctor again and was prescribe Accutane 10mg/day.

At first, it was taking effects. The drying helps soothe down alot of my inflamed pinples. Because I was drying out so bad that my skin keeps flaking,I started using my clarisonic Mia 2 again.

Everything was fine until a week later, my chin acnes spread to my cheeks. And then my forehead was popping crazily with small bumps that has whiteheads.

I was picking on them. I know I shouldn't but the white pus were already exposed and oozing out. So I pick on those with clean tissues, not bare hands.

My chin is also getting very clustered with cystics. And lots of tiny whiteheads are appearing on the jawlines till my sideburn areas.

I am 23. And I am freaking out. Very depressed. Trying my best to stay at home as much as possible.

I don't usually pile makeup on or put make up on. But because of my outbreaks, I was too ashamed and afraid that I had to pile some tinted moisturizer (with sunscreen properties) on top of my cetaphil face cream. I am breaking out even worst. Scars are also increasing. And I am crying every night, praying to GOD. Hoping that he will hear my prayers.

I was even called ugly many times by strangers outside because of my acnes. And I can't stop having suicidal thoughts.

What stopped me was for the sake of my parents.

Please help.

GOD Bless.

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