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Thinking Of Quitting My Job Because Of Acne/stress?

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No one can really give you that advice, but I would tell you not to quit because of acne- if you need the money you need to work, and you have a job, it's that simple

I personally think given your situation you should work, perhaps you can find something closer and more agreeable, but I think you'd have more stress if you didn't work

But this is something you have to work out on your own, good luck to you

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Use the money to find a derm that will give u low dose accutane. Everything else is like a band aid.

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I recently got a new job. It's an hour and a half away from my home and it pays decently. I also work there with my best friend as we got hired at the same time. The thing is my new workplace is located downtown where everyone that walks into the store is dressed so professionally and they always seem too busy to talk. They come in wearing suits, dresses, heels, LV bags/wallets/backpacks?!, Michael Kors wallets, Kate Spade... you name it. I mean, I don't mind that but most of the customers there seem to treat me as someone below them. Some don't even want to touch my hand?? when I try to give them their change? Some put their used tissues or coffee cups right in my hand to throw out? I'd be glad to throw it out for them if they asked first instead of shoving it directly in my face... There's also some people who don't even acknowledge my presence and continue talking on the phone or not even making eye contact with me after I've greeted them. I know I'm here as a customer service representative/cashier but it just feels so demeaning to have to be treated that way.

I've had acne since I was 12 years old and it's subsided a little bit now but it's still moderately bad enough that I have to continue taking antibiotics. I've been working part-time ever since I was 16 years old just so I could provide for myself because my family isn't that well-off and my mom can't pay for everything.

The reason I want to quit is because having that job stresses me out, it just makes me feel so insecure, depressed, and gives me so much anxiety for some reason. It's so bad that I feel too scared and nervous just to go into work and I dread having to come in for my shift. I just feel like I need a break and focus on my health and studies (I'm going into med school in a few months.) But I also feel like I'm wasting a great job (which is hard to come by these days). I'm also scared about my financial needs but since I live in Canada, usually student loans can be very helpful especially when I get back to school. I do run a blog on the side which pays around $75-$150 a month depending on the rate but I think it'll be enough to get me by if I live frugally. Another reason I'd like to quit is to completely focus on my studies and be able to have some "me time" to take care of myself. I just feel that I'm taking on too much that I can handle and I need to sacrifice one thing or else I'll end up losing everything. I don't even remember the last time I went out with my family because I've been so busy studying and working and it just feels like time's passing by so quickly.

Any advice on what I should do? I'm so conflicted because there's pros and cons to each side...

Hi - I don't know about the state of the economy in Canada, but the fact that you got into medical school tells me that surely you have better options than your current situation? I don't know....I understand your feelings about finances, but you said yourself you get a little extra spending money from the blog, you have family and friends who love you enough to want to go out with you (so they probably wouldn't let you go homeless), and you qualify for student loans - it doesn't sound like you would starve without this job. Retail is awful everywhere, but that job sounds truly heinous. No one deserves to be treated that way, but sadly - some people don't have a choice. It sounds like you DO however - if you got into med school (no small feat, requiring high grades, dedication, ambition, etc.), you are probably selling yourself short with your job prospects. I say - life is too short. Med school will take up quite a bit of your time and dedication - if you have the choice, why not spend these last few months before a VERY big time and life commitment enjoying yourself a little bit? A little less stress in your life certainly wouldn't hurt your acne situation!

I am probably the voice of dissent, but I say - life is for living, not working. If you don't need the money to keep a roof over your head and food in your mouth AND you hate it - why bother?! You certainly aren't gaining experience to broaden your field, it doesn't sound like you are meeting new people or gaining any sort of perspective, and you already have the will and determination necessary to get into gmed school, so you certainly don't need any sort of lesson in life.

I say, in the proverbial wise words of someone - "TREAT YO' SELF".


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I understand how you feel. I once quit a job that I worked at for almost four years because of one bad breakout that just affected me such a deep mental level that I felt like I couldn't face the customers/world there anymore. I had been strong for so long and that was like the catalyst that brought it all crashing down. I really regret quitting that job because at that time in my life, it was one of my only social outlets and it really helped me to not feel like such a hermit in the grand scheme of day to day life. Here's my advice: If you feel like the job is toxic and it's adding more stress to your situation, by all means, leave and pursue other options....but also I'd suggest that you sleep on it and give it a few days before you make that decision. You never know, your outlook may change and you might recognize some positive aspects related to the job that you don't want to walk away from just yet.

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Girl, you've got this! All of us here can relate to how acne makes us feel horrible and insecure. Hang in there at work and if those people actually are looking down on you, that reflects on THEM. It's pathetic. You are a beautiful human being that is unlike any other and screw the pretentious haters. Chin up and remember that you are so much more than your skin.

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