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How come no one talks about Exoderm? Why can I only find links and descriptions (like on this site's FAQ) about how great the results are, yet no where can I find any pictures of people who claim to have had the procedure? From what users have posted it would seem this is hands down THE BEST treatment for acne scarring, so where is the proof? Is there something I am missing?

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Hi, I have noticed that people naturally promote the treatments they get. Exoderm is not a common peel so I doubt you will find much credible evidence. Maybe we should assume that Exoderm and other phenol peels are best left to pale old women. eusa_hand.gif

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Fine by me. I just want to make the best decision and currently it seems to be dermabrasion. I cannot wait for Isolagen, and do not want to fly to England for the treatment. I've been taken by microdermabrasion before, as well as NLite. I just don't want to waste anymore time and money.

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Hmm.... Well, I really (REALLY!) wasn't planning on posting about this until I healed up a lot more, but I just had an Exoderm peel done on November 1st. I have been faithfully taking pics and trying to keep a progress journal, but cannot say if I will ever post much of it since I'm not that brave. ninja.gif

However, for those who are honestly interested in the procedure and have some patience, please feel free to ask me about it again in a couple of weeks. So far I'm still just really red and icky, so I really can't tell what (if any) difference it has made.

Sorry I wasn't more help as of yet.

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