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Two Weeks in To Botchla's Regemin

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Okay, most know of Botchla's Regimen, CC Blackhead Scrub and The BP, I have the right products and I will explain exactlly what I do and please point out the FLAWS in my methods.


- Wet my face with mediocre warm water. Dab the cloth around.

- Put the SA stuff around (about the size of an oreo) in width.

- Barely move it around but sometimes I use my palm to spread the SA around.

- Go to the sink and put my head under the nozzle and turn on the faucet, and stay under there for about a minute and let the water rinse off the SA.

- Pat my head on a dry towel (usually some beads will fall off from the patting.)

During the day: I wont lie during the day I sometimes mess with my pimples. Not severly, but its itchy and it makes me angry how quickly Acne gets you.

Night Time:

- In the middle of the shower, I wet my face under warm water.

- Put the SA around, mix it up a bit and spread.

- Let the water off the shower nozzle wash it off.

- Put some Aqua BP Gel on my back cuz of some small pimples on my back and shoulders.

- Put on some BP for my face, the kind Botch recommended and then I let the nozzle wash that off too.

- Pat dry. Im done.

The results: The first couple days it was working pretty well, i had some pimples under my chin and after a couple days they were eliminated, one on my nose went away. BUT, there are pimples between my ear and nose usually in lots of small amounts. like they arent huge pimples but still pimples all the same. My face seems more itchy and alot more acne is noticable. I have some on my forehead where usually I am somewhat fine.

What should I do? Should I lower the amount of SP/BP, with the BP, i usually use toothpaste size for BP and oreo for SA but large quanities of it I thought wouldnt be that harmful. Seriousley, I am desperate here.Any of your advice and comments would be appreciated. I love you all!


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