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Luv2runawy's New Regimen!!

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wub.gif Day 1: I'm fed up with acne ups and downs and the same cycle of zit heal- zit heal- all while pretending like they don't exist when in all actuality the pimples stare back at me in the mirror. AAAHHHHHH!! Lucky I still LOVE my life. But I have hope in The Regimen. I am very pleased with this non-profit non-bias factual website already and I'd like to be a part of its success by becoming another one of its successes. That is one of the reasons why I am pledging to follow The Regimen for nearly two months...yeah 7 weeks. I will remain tightly on this plan until the start of the New Year in hopes of a clearer and more controlled 2005. This plan includes switching from 10% BP to 2.5% in the form of the BP gel advertised affordably on this website. I will be following the timing found and recommended in The Regimen Checklist. I will also be switching to the highly rated Basis Sensitive Skin Bar. The other addition that I feel is important is taking a multivitamin daily to get 100% of the vitamins and minerals that will optimize immune function and the overall health of my body, including my skin.

I am a college student studying Dietetics and strongly believe in the benefits of a healthy diet. However, I do not recommend taking large doses above the RDA or AI of any one vitamin or mineral as an acne solution, it will only cause greater water-soluble vitamins to be excreted in your urine or toxicity from fat-soluble vitamins in excess. PLEASE check websites THUROUGHLY before making any investments. KNOW YOUR FACTS before getting your hopes up.

One more thing...I run. I run a lot. I finished my first marathon this fall and plan on doing my next in the summer of 2005. I just love it. If anyone has strong factual information about acne relating to athletes and/or sweat secretion please point me in the right direction!! Thanks!!

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