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I was just wondering if my acne has anything to do with my progesterone levels.

I have suffered with terrible PMDD symptoms (extreme PMS for anyone that doesn't know) from around day 15 of my cycle every month. I have found out that this is when progesterone levels start to rise and this is also when my skin flears up. My skin is completly clear for half the month then terrible for the other half.

I can seem to find too much information on high progesterone levels, only low progesterone. It would make sense that my ptogestrone levels are too high as I cannot take any type of contraceptive pill (which increases ptogestrone) and when I was pregnant with my son my skin was a mess I assume from the high progesteone

Anyone have any insight?

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I believe there are bcp that are low progesterone, though I've never tried them.  Just ortho, which sucked.  My skin has the same issues, it's always a mess during the 2nd half of my cycle. My doctor mentioned that I may have pmdd, for which he suggested antidepressants. I've read good things about chaste berry and b6 so I'm starting there. The chaste berry is supposed to balance your hormones and I believe the b6 is supposed to relax you and increase serotonin levels.  I'm also taking maca root to balance hormones. 

Anyways, have you made any progress with your skin or hormones?  

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