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Hello everybody.....this is my first post, although I have been reading everybody's for sometime now. I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth!!! I am a 30yo female that has been battling acne for quite a while. (probably since I was 15 ) In highschool, my main area of concern were my cheeks. I never really had huge flareups....just little pimples that would leave a tiny tiny hole in my cheeks....almost just looked like an enlarged pore. My 1st treatment for the scars was dermabrasion. For me...that was a total waste of money. Not much success with it...but a whole lot of pain. ( keep in mind that everybody's skin reacts different and this is my personal experience) About 2 years later, I started having chemical peels and microdermabrasion done. Both of those combined seemed to work better for me. They really softened my skin and made the scars less noticeable. The day I turned 30...my chin blew up with acne!!! cry.gif What a wonderful way to bring in the 30 somethings!!! HA!! Anyway, I made a trip to my dermo. and he put me on all kinds of medicines that had no prevail. Months later.....several scars later...I guess a bright light went off in his head and he asked me what kind of birth control i was on. He changed me to ortho tri-cyclon. That seemed to help a lttle. I then heard of this wonderful new laser called smoothbeam. That was a complete blessing to me. My acne cleared up almost immediately. I have had 5 treatments done so far and it has totally changed my outlook on life. I have noticed that my scars have shrunk anf my acne is pretty much gone. I am also on the obagi system and I totally love it. At first i was using their whole line of products, along with retin-a. Now i just use the obagi cleanser and then apply the obagi blender, wait about 15 min for that to absorb and then apply Retin-A .1% ( the strongest %). You really cant see my scars anymore except under certain lights. I'm loving life again. eusa_angel.gif
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