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Accutane: All down hill from here

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I had moderate acne (2-4 pimples a week) that would go away but leave red marks. So even though I didnt have alot of bumps i had moderate red marks. I went on accutane a month ago and everything went great in 2 weeks.

However now i am a month in and noticing a flare up. I dont know what to say. Is this part of the accutane breakout or is this just the medicine isnt working? Lips are dry/chapped as hell, no other side effects.

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I'm in my second month and I'm still getting flare ups. My acne was also moderate before starting (although they left scars)...it takes a long time to work, be patient.

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It sounds as if you are going through your initial breakout. I also didn't experience this until the fourth week and it didn't start to heal until the sixth. During this time, I know you will want to do all sorts of things to your face to get rid of the acne. The only thing I would suggest doing is having your doctor prescribe Klaron to aid with the drying of the pimples. Other than that, be nice to your face - - it is going through a lot.

As far as your lips go, Aquaphor is a necessity. It works wonders for super-dry lips and will help to keep them from cracking and bleeding.

Good luck with your treatment. Keep us posted!

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I just finished month one and was lucky not to get a flare up. But, i'm starting 60 mg today so I still might get one. I'll let you know smile.gif

Oh, and my face is starting to get dry. But, not like the dryness that I used to get on Benzoyl Peroxide. This dryness is small little white flakes that kinda of looks like eczema but goes away when I put moisturizer. No biggie. Dryness is noooo biggie for me.

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but on my first few days of accutane, my skin texture changed and had alot of tiny red bumps. It went away and got clear. Now its coming back. Damn

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That is normal as well. Your skin is changing, literally, so you will notice different things happening. It is all a result of the Accutane doing its job.

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