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Red, Raw Skin In The Middle Of My Dry/cracked Acne Scab....please Help!?

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I recently picked my pimple right in the middle of my eyes (HUGE mistake) and it ended up just turning into one big dry, cracked scab. Whenever I put makeup on, it looks like I just have a clump of brown powder on it. I've had it for about a week now, and I've been putting neosporon on it for about 17 hours everyday. I think it's working, but in the middle of the scab is open, red, raw skin that just will not heal. It's so raw that my makeup won't even stay on it, and the dry cracked skin around it will just not go away. How can I get rid of it this and heal my scab ASAP?! I've had it for almost over a week and I am so sick of it. PLEASE HELP!

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Switch to Polysporin if you can find it (a derm tells me it is better for wounds on the face) - it is usually in the same section as the neosporin in the drug store. If you have a tendency to pick at it or scratch the scab off, put a band-aid on it. You only need to polisporin on it in the morning and at night, after you have washed your face.

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OMG this literally happened to me this week. It took me about 3 days to get it back to normal but there was still a tiny little red bump underneath the skin (concealer can cover this because it was smooth). What I did was cover it with a&ad ointment as often as possible or when I was feeling messy, I would do a tiny bit of Manuka honey. I would switch back and forth from these. I don't use neosporin on acne anymore... It doesn't yield results like it used to (this is just me). A&D is my go to for any facial wounds/burns/scrapes/scabs!!!!

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