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Bump/lump/excess Skin In Hand.looks Like A Wart

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Hi there,

i have this bump looking thing on my hand for a year atleast.I thought nothing of it and my mother searched it and found that it would go away if i used apple cider vinegar.I haven't really used it.Now that i searched myself, the only thing that i found was that it is a wart(HPV).I am 15 years old and virgin nor have i kissed a girl before.I will post some pics for you to see,maybe it doesn't fit this website but it's the only one i know that i can get some help.






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First - there are MANY strains of HPV, and most of them cause non-sexually transmitted warts like you see on your hand. You could have contracted it any number of ways, just like you would get the common cold or flu. Not everyone gets warts when they contract HPV, but I think some people are more prone to warts than others. In any case, it probably won't spread and it's really no big deal. You can go to the pharmacy and get a wart removing bandage, that might help a little bit. You could also try covering it with duct tape for a few days, I've heard a few people say that helps remove the wart. Lastly (and most likely your best option) go to the dermatologist.They will probably just freeze it off, no muss no fuss.

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I'd bet my money that you have a wart. My son had a little wart on his thumb at the age of 2 or 3. It's not uncommon for anyone to have.

The pediatrician recommended some of that salicylic acid wart remover stuff to paint on the wart and cover with a band-aid until it went away. I had one around age 30. The dermatologist burnt it off and left a nasty little bubble thing that eventually popped and healed.

You could probably go to your regular doctor (primary care physician) and he/she might be able to freeze it off, or give you advise on how to treat it appropriately and quickly. The problem with warts is that you don't want them to spread!

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