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Can Dermatologist Prescribe Birth Control

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I'm trying to figure out if I should go to dermatologist or gynecologist. I have an appointment tomorrow and I feel like he is going to prescribe me some more topical treatments that don't work. It's a new doctor so I'm hopeful! I've kind of made up my mind I want to go on the pill. Can he prescribe BC If he feels it will help?

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Some dermatologists do prescribe birth control, yes.

Mine agreed to start me on a prescription for birth control, but wanted me to follow up with a primary care physician, so she only gave me a prescription for 3 month's of birth control.

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A dermatologist CAN prescribe BC, but it will probably be easier to get one from an OB/Gyn. They should have no problem prescribing you a BC that helps with skin, especially if you tell them that is what your looking for. Most OB/Gyn would never object to prescribing birth control and will usually prescribe your preference unless there is a medical reason why you shouldn't be taking it. On the other hand, the dermatologist will probably give you topicals and tell you to follow up with an OB/gyn for BC anyway. If you aren't interested in topicals and you think BC will solve your issues, just save yourself the trip.

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