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Adult Acne And I Don't Know Why

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So I'm 25, female. I used to have acne when I was younger and going through puberty and then I went on birth control and it started to get better. Still broke out, but it wasn't too bad. I still used spot treatments and face washes--so when I was around 19 it was really good. Then I decided to get off the pill around age 22 because I didn't want to be on it anymore--seemed scary to be on it so long. So when I turned 23 my best friend died and soon after my fiancé dumped me and then the awful breakouts happened. I've been in a slump ever since. I got diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis which is a bladder condition--don't think that's related to my skin, but I've been quite depressed and this stubborn acne just makes it all a little worse. I thought I was done with it. Anyways, so now I've tried a million different things. I went through an all natural phase and my skin was awful. I did the oil cleanse and honey. I was vegan for a few years, I take my supplements super vitamin B complex, A, E, Zinc, vegan omega 3s, I take DIMplus because I am convinced it must be hormonal and cosmetic and whatever, it definitely flares up and settles down, but the scars always stay so it never looks any better. Currently I'm doing the regimen again, that seemed to work for me really well towards the end of my using the pill. This time around it seems to help a little and it's been a good few weeks and I'm still breaking out and scarring. I'm also using honey because my face dries out quite a bit, but I feel the honey is clogging my pores. I'm getting a bunch of little whiteheads and bumps on my cheeks, jaw, chin and forehead. I've also been breaking out around my mouth more than I have ever done before. It seems that now that I eat much more healthy and use more natural products my skin is worse--but I most definitely do not want to go back on the pill. It's dumb, but my boyfriend has never seen me without makeup--I avoid sleeping over or going on trips with him because I'm so embarrassed. He's really good looking--makes me feel really stupidly self conscious.

Can anyone offer any advice? Is the honey causing me to purge, or is it clogging my pores? Is my depression causing me to breakout--is there even a correlation? And is there anything that actually relieves hormonal breakouts?

I never used to be so sensitive to makeups and moisturizers until now as well. I use limited ingredient organic powder makeup that is noncomedogenic and made for sensitive skin. But I still clog up. Does my vegan diet have anything to do with it? I started drinking kefir again for the probiotics. I've recently also lowered my intake of soy.

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