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My new wash cylce is

-wake up wash with bar of soap

-use bp

-use cetiphil


then at night repeat morning execpt with less cetiphil


is what i'm doing good?

Right now i have mild on one cheek but they are all together so it looks worse than it actually is

the other cheek is very mild with only a few zits

my chin is absoluley clean with the exception from 2 red marks

my forehead is clean with 2 zits also but with about 7 red marks

its the cheeks causing me problems i'm experimenting with this and hope it works


if anyone has any ideas on what to make it better i'm living in canada and if this doesnt work i'm going to look at dans product even know i live in canda :\ shipping and duty...(anyone in canada get it ever?..have to pay duty?)

ill post my results from time to time if i see improvement

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i didnt get to wash my face last night and i woke up this morning and it was better :S i decieded to put a little BP on in the morning and i;m going to go tonight too without washing and see what happens

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good luck scotty biggrin.gif i really think you should try to get a hold of some of dan's gel. it has made a world of difference on my mild acne. i'm 100% clear.

i know the bp can make you discouraged because it is so drying at first but just stick with it and you will see that it really works. just make sure to use a good moisturiser...

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