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If You Got Scars...please Read

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Hey people,

Look...I never knew about this site until recently when I thought I'd try and do something about my Acne Scars on both of my cheeks. Im a 26 yr old male and had real bad Acne since high school. The big cyst like acne...I was young and dumb so everytime I'd break out id pop them instantly. In college...I did Accutane and I remember my face broke out like crazy. Either way...what Im saying is I have a TON of bad acne scars...which covers basically both sides of my face. Just from googling acne scars...mine I believe are mostly the ice pick scars mixed with all the other kinds.

So anyways....when trolling for something to help reduce my scars I came across MSM cream. I'd seen reviews and forum posts saying it was a miracle and others saying it didn't work at all. So I said F-IT...and bought MSM cream off amazon with the most reviews.

Now..I've only been using it for 3 Days...3 effin days. My routine with it is....Glob it on in handfuls at night...really working it into my scars. And in the morning...I shower, wash my face and lightly put some on before I put on my regular face lotion. The MSM cream feels nice and gives your skin a tightening feeling.

Well anyways...today is my 3rd day...and I woke up this morning and was like...."Da Fuq!".

My skin looked way more even, smaller pores on my cheeks/nose, and my skin tone looked out of this world BETTER. TBH...I dont know if this MSM cream will "completely" fade my scars or do what it claims to do...BUT for like 9 bucks...I've already got my money's worth in a couple of days using this cream. I'm blown away because I wasn't expecting any results...let alone...getting great results in 3 days.

I'm pretty effin happy I took a chance on this stuff. And I just wanted to let people with the same struggles as me...know how unbelievable this stuff is. Easily the best thing...I've done for my face.

Gonna use this stuff until I run out and hopefully I continue to get more results...but like I said...money well spent!

Thanks guys...peaceee

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That is awesome man. Actually I had been thinking about adding it to my skin regimen but I just kept forgetting lol I will surely buy one after reading this. Can you tell me which product you are using?

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