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Bad Texture Really Depressing..

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Ok..so my skin is really messed up..whenever I try exfoliating my skin gets raw and a orange peel like texture but after about three days it looks good then builds up a lot of dead skin .. Which I'm forced to exfoliate then the bad texture comes back seriously it makes me look old cause it's a wrinkly texture then after three days I look young I'm just wondering what's the cause of this ?.. I do also get sebum plugs on my lower half of my face but honestly I'd rather have dull skin then deal with the old wrinkly texture does anyone have any info on this seriously this is stopping me from doing a lot of things I just wanna live normal...it's so depressing I think this started in high school which was about two years when I used epiduo cause I would slather it on my cheeks and not wear sunscreen so I'm guessing it burned my face idk but my face looks dehydrated...ppl say you look fine but no..its just really depressing..

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When you rely on a product such as exfoliating, your body won't feel the need to do it anymore by its self.

Try 2 weeks or so with out exfoliating, maybe use a moisturizer because it sounds like your over exfoliating and then going into a cycle.

Try not to rely on a product!

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Like the other posters have mentioned, it sounds like lack of moisture. Instead of physically exfoliating you can also try a chemical facial peel? There are at home ones available and if you check out MUAC, you can buy very cheap and affordable samples that last over a month($11 after shipping and tax). I tried the mandelic acid peel and that evened out my texture and complexion but be patient with it and DO NOT OVERUSE IT... Worst mistake I ever did lol.

Good luck!

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Have you reached a solution? I too have been dealing with this same problem! I just started tretinoin gel... Hoping it will help!

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