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How To Treat My Scars (Picture Included)

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Hi everyone,

I have some deep acne scars as you can see from the picture and I don't know how to treat it. I've had four CO2 laser resurfacing procedures, which have made some improvements, but have done next to nothing for my deep pitted scar which bothers me the most. Seeing the reactions from girls when I talk to them up close really hurts deep down. Some of them are disgusted and it's made me a hermit. If you know of any treatment that could improve it I'd love to hear about it.


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Hello, I'm so sorry to hear what you go through.Let me start off by saying your perfect the way you are and you never have to change the way you look for someone else.

With that being said if you want to improve your self esteem I recommend the following:

1) Make an appointment with a doctor. See a dermatologist. Get their opinion. And try and high percentage of retin A.

2) Glycolic acid peel NOT lotions. A peel of 40 to 50% is where you'll see tremendous improvement. Read the directions! Don't start off with 30% it's not as effective.

3) Try subscision if you want brand new skin. (Talk to your derm)

Again I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Best of luck!Things will start to get better.

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I second the other poster that you should see a reputable dermatologist if its really bothering you, they can at least set you down the right path. also you skin looks like a good candidate for subcision which is pretty noninvasive treatment besides some swelling and is usually quite effective. It's hard to tell how large your scars are from that photo but excision could be something else to consider, you'd be left with a different but hopefully more visually appealing scar. Try not to fret too much those scars look totally treatable and with some time and research can probably get them fixed.

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Definitely fixable. I concur with above post. Subcision will certainly lift these guys a lot, 2 rounds at least with suction included, there after you could consider microneedling, preferably a pen @ deep settings for a year to finish things off.

It's unfortunate you didn't check with us prior to wasting your money on Co2. Those should have definitely been done after subicision.

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Definitely do NOT excise the big scar in the middle of your cheek. That would require the surgeon to make a much longer incision to prevent the edges from bunching up, called a dog ear deformity. I think this could be helped by subcision and possibly some filler. As for filler, you have options from longer-lasting ones like Voluma to permanent ones like Bellafill. The permanent fillers do carry risk (lumps, granulomas) so you must weigh the risks versus the potential long term improvement. Peels are not going to do anything for deep scarring, just pigmentation and slight texture issues.

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Your scarings a hell of a lot better then mine if it makes you feel better :) hopefully I can post some pics up soon to find some answers as I've struggle with these scars for too long, I also am thinking of trying a chemical peel as I've seen good results, good luck tho!

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