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I Don't Feel As Pretty As I Used To...[Pics]

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So I could really use some advice as to what to do to help my acne. I've been battling acne for about 7 years. This is honestly the worst it's ever been.

I have mild/moderate acne with cystic acne as well. I drink sooooo much water and NOTHING but water. Sometimes green tea when I get a chance. I've also changed my diet to no junk food or greasy foods. I wash my face with a pink grapefruit cleanser and a stress reliever toner every day and night both by Netrogena. I also use a moisturizer (Aveeno). And a exfoliating wash once or twice a month. (Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliating wash). I put a spot treatment with 10% sulfur which had tons and tons of good reviews on my acne every night and sleep with it on. (EradiKate) (It seems to help my cystic acne go down) I'm also on birth control. I've been on the same one for almost 2 years and I feel as though it's causing my acne to worsen. I'm going to see if I can get my doctor to change it sometime this month.

As of right now I feel that everything I've tired (pills, topical creams, different acne brands) doesn't work. All my friends have clear skin but nothing seems to work for me. I'm just glad I can cover up all of it with make up. I use non-cosmedogenic make up or so I think. Please help!




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Try not to use so much dam make up then because that clogs up the pores!

So yeah, my acne was like yours. I didn't try any of the main products people use such as neutrogena, bp and such. I just hate using chemical products. So I first tried using apple cider vinegar, consumed and applied topically, to little effect. It did help a little but what happened is like it just got weak and couldn't handle the battle no more. Instead I came across secret Aztec Indian healing clay. This stuff is like £7/$10. Apply to face and it becomes a mask. I used this and it's given me quite a much more smooth and bright face. I still have some scars from the really bad acne that I picked. But it's still early days in fact it's only been my 6th time applying this stuff.

I use it twice a week sometimes three times. It likes to make your skin dry as a nut so when I feel my skin like dry and it hurts little I will apply moisturisers.

I believe that everyone skin different so what may work wonders for one person may not work for others.

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Just wondering which birth control you are on because some actually do make acne worse (usually the ones that are high in androgens).

You can check on this site www.cosdna to make sure that your makeup is really non-comedogenic and that your face wash etc does not contain any irritants.

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I notice your break outs are mainly focused on your chin and forehead areas. This can be likely linked to diet- try to cut out dairy and sugars from your diet for a month and see if you notice any progress. Wish you all the best! :)

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