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foreign body

Age 50, Cystic Acne For The First Time In My Life

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hi there, i have just reached the menopause and my skin has become a mess. I did have some acne as a teenager, (never developed cysts) but in my adult life my skin was never an issue. I have always had a very healthy diet and have been a vegetarian for 20 years. Due to wheat and lactose intolerance i am quite careful about what i eat, i don't gain weight easily and exercise regularly.

Since reaching the menopause i have had trouble sleeping, mainly due to very frequent hot flushes.

I can put up with insomnia and hot flushes, but acne is a real drag. It has affected my self-esteem and i am now far more concerned about pustules than wrinkles.

I have tried the castor oil/grape seed oil treatment, and i noticed some improvement to my overall skin appearance, but i had no luck with a stubborn cyst on my chin. The red, inflamed cyst has been a feature for 6 weeks and nothing seemed to make any difference. I tried Tea Tree oil, crushed aspirin, baking soda, apple cider vinegar to no avail. I was about to see a dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection to get rid of it.

Finally i tried organic cinnamon powder mixed with manuka honey, and started to see some results. I apply it in the evening, leave it for 30 minutes, then wash and cover with aloe vera (from the plant on my balcony) In the morning i re-apply aloe vera.

In the last two days my cyst has somewhat reabsorbed, and the resulting scab is not so unsightly when i cover it with concealer. I keep dabbing it with aloe vera to speed up the healing.

I just wanted to share my cure with you, in case you are as desperate as i was to find a natural remedy for stubborn acne cysts.

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That's good that you're staying natural. It's the best way to go. Is your acne cystic? If your acne appeared when you hit menopause, then the changes in your body probably contributed to it. I would suggest you start there. Figure out what your body needs. Or what's wrong with your body, so you can heal it.

I'll give you an example. I had a crap diet which broke down my digestive system. After taking out foods that break down the gut, and foods I had become sensitive to, I've been healing and have cleared my acne. I will look into menopause and see if I can offer you any more tips. Hang in there!

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thanks a lot, Melloman. I do believe that my cystic acne is hormonal, as it appeared when my periods stopped and when my doctor prescribed some bio-identical, plant-based hormones to manage my hot flashes, insomnia, lack of energy and mood swings. My symptoms didn't improve with this regime, so a couple of weeks ago i stopped taking them. Actually some of the symptoms got worse and on top of that i got acne! She had prescribed a testosterone cream and DHEA pills because a blood test had shown extremely low levels of these hormones. The only noticeable effect was a very strong sex drive that nearly destroyed my relationship ( i couldn't stop thinking about sex). When i complained about the effect of these hormones on my skin, she asked me to be patient and added an estrogen cream and progesterone pills. Finally i decided i had enough, and ditched the lot. Maybe it will take time for my skin to get back to normal after my hormonal balance was upset.

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I've read up a bit on menopause, and there are a whole lot of changes. The ones that seem to be acne-related are the changes in the skin and the hormones. The skin thins and doesn't repair itself as easily, So I recommend getting more Vitamin A in your diet. Mostly, I reccomend just eating healthier. I know it sounds like a simple solution to a complicated problem, but the truth is that your body just needs to get itself back together. I suggest making sure you're getting the nutrients your body needs to repair itself.

Here are some links for you. The first one is a diet plan specifically for hormone imbalance, The second are some videos, which xan be very helpful when you need assistance. The third is an informational website on menopause. I don't recommend supplementing, or anything else unnatural. Supplementing can be damaging to your body. Supplements have been known to cause things like bone and joint damage, which would be terrible for you since menopause already causes weaker joints and bones.




As far as excersice goes, it's good but only if you're doing something fun like exploring parks, biking, martial arts, hiking, etc.

I hope this helps. Sorry if it doesn't.

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