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Hello everyone! Recently I got in a relationship with a wonderful girl I met online. We have dated for a month and since everything was going so well we decided to get together. The problem is that we have only seen eachother at night, and she's never seen my acne, but mostly acne scars/hyperpigmentation, in daylight. You guys must know that scars show a lot less in a house with warm lighting than outside in the middle of the day. I have also been putting foundation only on the scars to reduce their appearance. My sister and mother have supported me into doing this in the past when I had important events. Tomorrow she is sleeping over for the first time and she will see my scars clearly for the very first time.. I mentioned to her before meeting her for the first time that I didn't have perfect skin. Then when we were together one night we were mentioning which flaws we like about eachother and she said "your skin that you qualify as not perfect." Then I replied with but it's not perfect, and she said it's perfect in my eyes. It felt really good to hear this but she hasnt seen it at its worst. She might not care at all but I will feel so self conscious because I hate these scars more than anything. If you guys have similar stories or can show a little support I'd really appreciate.. Thank you!

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Wow, sounds like you've met a wonderful girl! If she says your skin is perfect in her eyes, then believe her. Women find confidence sexy. Not over-confidence...being smug can be a turn-off too...but just being unashamed of who you are, comfortable with yourself (even if you aren't always all the time). If you're comfortable with yourself, she will be too, if she truly cares and can see beyond the scars, which a quality girl worth your time and effort will. But if you continually doubt her and don't believe her, you may end up driving her away in the end.

I know it won't be easy. But try and relax and have fun tonight. Worrying about your skin and scars too much may also affect your sexual performance and you don't want that. If it would help you feel a little more comfortable and at ease, maybe make the mood super romantic with some soft-lit candles, rose petals on the bed and pillows, etc. Show her what a romantic you are! If you succeed in sweeping her off her feet and are nice to her, she won't care about the scars. In fact, sometimes it's the flaws in a person that make them even more dear to another person.

Enjoy your date! :wub:

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Hi George!! Here's the good news- even if she's only been seeing you at night, she still has had some opportunity to notice your skin in some capacity. My boyfriend has deep cystic acne scars on his chest as well as some active breakouts on his face and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I love him because I love him! His scarring and acne are just a part of him that I honestly don't even notice :) I absolutely trust that your girlfriend will feel the exact same way. Have an amazing time and remember that she likes you for you.

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Thank you so much for the support! I read these replies before seeing her and I felt better about myself. She clearly saw my scars last morning when we ate breakfast and the bright daylight was showing every blemish on my face. She seemed to be okay with it because for the remainder of the day she wasn't different and loved me as much. I now know that she accepts me for who I am. I'm realizing that acne has made me understand that it's not always about looks and to not judge people by them. It feels amazing that someone who's never had acne understands that and doesn't judge me. Wow I'm so happy this is over with, now I can stop worrying about what she thinks! It makes me love her even more. Thanks again!!

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