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How long should my face stay red?

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Hey everyone, heres my problem: I have sensitive skin and it seems like every time I wash my face with a new cleanser my skin is slightly red for a couple of days. Since it is red, I get kinda freaked out and stop using it. (I have so many products that I havent finished for this reason. Some of these products clear my skin up very nicely, but the redness ( more like a pinkness) really isnt all that cool. Sometimes it will even burn slightly especially because of the colder weather. Does anyone else experience this? eusa_think.gif Thank you for reading my post. eusa_boohoo.gif

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JT what cleanser are you using? Also is the redness all-over or is it just based round your cheeks and nose?

Withought knowing the answers to the above questions I would generally suggest you might find that you should avoid medicated ingredients, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, fragrances, colours, mechanical and chemical exfoliants. Also keep your face wash routine very short...like 10 seconds or so.

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Definetly stay away from cleansers with fragrance or other harsh ingredients. I have sensitive skin as well and there are not many things I can use without some kind of irritation. Proactiv really burned my skin so I had to stop with that. Maybe try the new line by Neutrogena for sensitive skin. Its got three types of cleansers and moisturizers; one for oily skin, one for dry skin, and one for combination skin plus a toner for all skin types. I also like bar soap but only Dove. Things like Irish Spring and Zest are basically like laundry detergent and only lucky people with tough skin and no major acne problems can handle those types. I would also avoid any kind of toners. The less steps in your cleansing routine, the better. Toners seem to make me red in effort to get rid of bacteria and oil but they don't really work for that anyway so I don't bother. A simple cleanser and moisturizer is good for sensitive skin and maybe use tea tree oil or something as a spot treatment for breakouts. You may also want to check out lines by The Body Shop since their stuff is pretty decent too.

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Thanx for the advice. I just started trying the neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser. It is making me red around my nose and under my eyes. Im not extremly red, not to mention that I have only been using it for a couple of days. What makes me so upset is the fact that a couple of years ago I could use anything on my face ( My face was exceptionally clear by the way). Then last year, I became really sensitive. I still havent come to terms with this sensitive skin of mine (I know that sounds really lame, but its true). Should I try using the neutrogena once a day and cetaphil @ night? Let me know what you all think. Thanx again for your time.

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JT, Don't be freaked out? Have you investigated the possibility that you might have Rosacea? Off the top of my head it is a vascular disorder that affects the cheeks and nose. Rosacea is really common, and people with rosacea often get acne and vice versa.

Take a look and see if you can rule it out http://www.rosacea.org/

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