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Drinking water?

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Just joined & been reading over some posts.

My question: Does drinking bottled mineral water help acne? Also, what would you class as a "good diet"...?

Thank you.

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dude stay away from cooked stuff. Drink lot's of water throughout the day. Also, get alot of fruit, apples,oranges,grapes...their all awesome. When u want to eat some solid food try just eating a ham sandwich , don't eat big warm cooked meals. I've just been doin this and eating turkey and other cold cut meats throughout the day. Another thing is to STAY AWAY FROM ACNE PRODUCTS! They only make it worse. I've been using the viche normaderm package thing with the soft daily exfoliator and the salicic acid(works great) when i take a shower. I usually just wake up in the morning throw cold water on my face(lil warm) and then i put the salicic acid on then wait about 30 seconds before washing it off. Do this 3 times a day, once with the exfoliator in the shower, follow the diet and U WILL start to clear up. Also follow that none eating and drinking rule stated by someone. Don't eat and drink at the same time, depending on ur metabolism spread about an hour between drinking liquids and eating solids.

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