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Laser Treatment?

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My scaring has gotten very bad in the two years I've had acne, and I'm thinking about getting it done when I'm older. So, has anyone had any experiences with laser surgery? Did you like the results? Is it very painful? Would you reccomend it over dermabrasion or face peels? If anyone could answer these questions, it would be a big help. Thanks. smile.gif

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Don't do it. CO2 laser resurfacing has been discussed in many threads, so you could read up. It is unfortunate that the search only allows words with 4 characters or more or you could just search for CO2. sad.gif

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I have to agree with him. CO2 is very painful and produces little results. Dermabrasion is good, but it carries risks so be sure to research it and understand them before you commit. There are many threads on dermabrasion.

Non-ablative lasers are good at helping the appearance of scars, especially shallow ones.

Peels won't get rid of atrophic(indented) scars, but may help their appearance and the overall texture and skin tone. A phenol peel would be the only peel that could have a measurable difference, but it is VERY serious!

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What is a phenol peel?

Anyway, from what I've read, dermbrasion sounds much better. I wouldn't bother with the lasers if you have really deep scarring. I doubt they will help much. I've even heard of disasterous results after CO2. Definetly doesn't sound worth it.

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What type of laser are you speaking of? There are many different types of lasers - Ablative and Non-ablative and types within those categories. I'd definitely recommend you research more about them before proceeding with any treatment. I had CO2 laser and it was expensive, extremely painful afterward, lots of downtime and my results weren't that impressive.

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