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Puredeming Intense Gel/Apple Cider Vinegar

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To say I am on Accutane is a lie. I couldn't afford to get my prescription filled and made the decision that being able to eat was more important than clear skin. My super-image conscious grandmother would probably disagree.

In an effort to clear the redness all over my skin, I've been applying Apple Cider Vinegar every couple of days. This stings and I'm not sure of the results. I am also eating a lemon every day. Okay, this sounds strange but I like lemons and have heard that people applying them to their red spots has helped them fade. I figured I would ingest it.

I ordered Intense Gel from Puredeming and it has been sitting in my frig. I am nervous to start using it since certain parts of my skin are still "active." However, after reading several posts, I think people have used it while they've had acne.

Can anyone offer some advice in this regard? I really want to take action as soon as possible without irritating my skin.

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Do you have acne? If so, I would suggest that you get that resolved before treating redness/scarring. Unfortunately, many scar treatments can worsen your acne. Definitely treat the acne first.

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Arpazia, pls dont eat a lemon everyday. it causes acid erosion on ur teeth. im a dentist and i've seen many cases of acid erosion. heres a link to help u understand.


but theres not harm in squeezing a little lemon in a glass of water and drinking it. water weakens the citric acid in the lemon. so its okay for the teeth. it will help whiten it too.

for ur acne, if u have mild or moderate acne, its best to use one product at a time. If u use a Benzyl peroxide cream, all the other products u use shd be for sensitive skin coz bp does make ur skin sensitive. so if u use for eg: products for oily skin, they might dry out ur skin even further, thus making ur oil glands work furiously to produce more oil to combat the dryness. and the result is the vicious cycle of acne! i wd suggest u to use a mild soap like Dove fragnance free for sensitive skin, use an alcohol-free (this is important) toner and apply the bp cream. avoid everything else. if u r using acv, its best to wash it off after sometime and apply moisturiser (with sunscreen)as it dries out the skin. dont leave it on. and of course, NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SUNSCREEN! u will be fine. take care.

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