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Food Allergies And Acne...does Anyone Else Have Symptoms Like These?

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Starting last summer, my acne went from being mild to being severe. I went on several antibiotics with no acceptable results. Eventually my face became extremely itchy. I guessed it was a food allergy and tried a gluten-free diet. It turned out to be a correct guess because my facial itchiness subsided and my acne improved significantly. However, I still had mild acne and needed to be on antibiotics still to avoid really bad breakouts. About 2 months after that my itchiness began to return. I tried an elimination diet again and discovered soy to be the culprit this time. This got rid of the facial itchiness and just about all of my acne. I was also able to get off the antibiotics. Gluten and soy were the causes of my severe acne. Things went well for about a month.

However my facial itchiness has returned twice over the past few months (accompanied by breakouts). I haven't pinpointed exactly what caused it, but it's worrying me a lot. It seems like I am developing new food allergies every couple of months. I noticed that my itchiness isn't limited to my face anymore too (though that's where it's the most severe); I experience it all over my body now.

Has anyone experienced symptoms similar to these? I'm really worried that I'll just keep developing more food allergies and keep having breakouts as a result. I'm at a loss for understanding this... Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Hate to say this but.... dairy? Lots of products use gluten/soy/dairy at the same time, which is why eliminating gluten or soy improved your condition but didn't eradicate it. I know you didn't want someone to through out another possible food... but the link between dairy and acne is widely accepted and is definitely worth a try.

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I probably should've mentioned this since my post is about food allergies, but I developed a dairy allergy several years ago and haven't eaten it since. So I already don't have dairy in my diet. My reaction to dairy was very different from what my reaction to gluten and soy are though. Dairy just gives me gas (at least it did when I last had it; I'm not sure what it will do to me now), whereas gluten and soy cause the itching + acne combo.

Thanks for the guess though! Anything helps.

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