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Hi i'm new here but I didn't know where else to turn. I've had acne since i was 5 years old. I am about to turn 21 in 3 months and I really need advice/help/anything! I've tried everything. As of right now i'm taking bactrim and i also take hormone pills to bring on my period. I take estrogen and progesterone. My acne was bad before i started them but it seemed to get worse and worse as my autoimmune symptoms got really bad. (i have lupus and sjogrens) I use aczone in the morning and tazorac at night. Ive been using them both for probably 2 1/2 years. My skin was completely clear last may/june except for a few blackheads. but then something snapped and its been getting worse and worse ever since last summer. I dont know where to turn next. As of right now i'm wondering if my acne has something to do with lupus or something? Ive never had acne like this before and it takes MONTHS for it to go away. None of it ever comes to a head either. Its mostly just red hard lumps that dont hurt but they never go away! here is what they looked like during a really bad flare and some of them are still there!!! AH. Sorry if this was too long but i need help!


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Hello, my friend's mom also had lupus. When were you diagnosed?

I suggest going on an anti-inflammatory diet for Sjorgen's. I have autoimmune troubles as well, and the thing I've found that cleared my cystic acne best was to stop all meds and face wash and just focus on diet. It will clean you inside and out. The medication and face wash can interfere and make things worse.

I'm sorry I can't post links on here with my tablet. please google "sjorgen's syndrome anti inflammatory diet", and click on the first result which should be from sjorgem's.org. It won't open a webpage, but you can click on "open" and it will open a page with an anti inflammatory diet for you. You can click save if you want t keep it on your pc.


this should be mildly helpful incase lupus is causing some of your acne to arise. Just be careful and listen to your body as some of the foods on these lists may cause you to act up. Everyone is original, so you may react to odd things that others wouldn't.

If you decide to go the diet route, please feel free to message or qoute me for meal ideas.

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