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I'm hoping that I'm putting this in the right thread here but I need some help with healing a couple of open sores that I have ATM. Pretty much I've come to accept the fact that I have a problem with picking/popping things on my face and I tend to do it more when I'm under stress. I've been under more stress as of late so long story short I was stupid and picked a couple sores on my face lol. To avoid me picking at these more for the next couple of days (having these come to gross, crusty scabs) and allow me to put makeup on top of these spots I was just wondering what would be a better option to put over this tonight, polysporin or (not Manuka but pure) honey? I've tried using honey a few times by leaving it on any open sores/scabs I stupidly caused by picking for a few minutes in the morning and it seems to help soften it a bit and possibly speed up the healing a little as well but I'm starting to debate whether I'd be better off with using Polysporin instead? What do you guys think would work best? I'm just worried that Polysporin might make the area like... too moist or something lol (sorry I'm not the best at explaining this). Please help though, I stupidly ended up skipping school today because of this so I need this to look better for tomorrow.

Also to add to this I think I may try investing in some Manuka honey sometime soon to use for this purpose and I do also plan to somehow cut back on my popping/picking so if any of you guys have any tips for going about that it would be much appreciated as well.

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