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What Are These White Lumps? (Pictures)

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Hello folks,

I've had severe acne when I was younger (7 years ago) and moderate acne on my chin ever since. Recently, when I began inspecting my skin more, I noticed these white lumps on both sides of my face.

Are they acne scars or something else?

Other information I got is:
I dry shave with an electric shaver
I have been using a lot of moisturisers because I have dry skin in the climate where I live.
I used Epiduo and Tetralysal to combat the acne I had on my chin, when this dissapeared I noticed this.

Can someone please help me?




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I think they are hypertrophic scarring. I got the same stuff on my cheeks. Also some of them can be comedones.

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I think they are hypertrophic scarring. I got the same stuff on my cheeks. Also some of them can be comedones.

Thank you,

Should I do something against them on an early stage? I've never really noticed at least the ones on my chin cause I had acne there. Should I dermastamp them or something?

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I tried stamp and prick mine and it didn't do much. You'd better see a specialist.

But first you may try this:

owndoc.com says:

Perform three times a week:

- Needle the hypertrophic scar superficially with our single needle (thin scars) or a 1.5 mm dermastamp (wide scars)

- After needling, perform pressure massage. Apply pressure with your fingers onto the scar spot by spot. Apply pressure to each spot quite strongly for about 20 seconds.

Repeat the pressure massage daily (but only three times a week in combination with needling).

On thick/tough hypertrophic scars, apply wart remover once a week (for sale OTC, usually contains salicylic acid and lactic acid). Apply without needling.

-Every three weeks, needle or stamp the scar densely and deeply to crush the scar collagen.

Why needling helps hypertrophic scars:

Scar tissue, whether raised, flat or indented is abundant in collagen but the scar collagen is thick and typically woven in a different pattern than in the normal skin.

Scar tissue isn't really different from normal skin, however the thickness and patterns of the fibers are different.

Crushing the scar tissue will crush the scar pattern of the fibers and the body will often remodel the scar into a better looking, softer scar.

Our body does not fix something that is not "broken". Scar tissue is just a cosmetic problem, it is not perceived as "broken" by our body. Needling or dermarolling is a trick to make the body remodel the scar. Making tiny pricks is not enough to cause a scar but it is enough for the body to see needled/rolled skin as "broken" and trigger healing processes. Unfortunately, our body usually does not bother replacing the scar tissue completely with normal skin - especially when the scar is deep - but it often replaces it with a mixture of scar and normal tissue, producing a better looking scar.

Needling/dermarolling triggers healing processes and the body tends to heal the area in a way, at least partially, as it normally should be. Indented scars fill in and raised scars flatten. It does not work in 100% of cases but in many cases it works.

Whatever you use, always make a test patch first to see how it heals.

When we get an injury that is serious, the body will quickly fix it with scar tissue to prevent an infection etc. The scar "glues" the skin together.

Needling or dermarolling does not produce scar tissue. When you needle or roll normal skin, it will heal as normal skin.

When you needle or roll a scar, it will often improve the scar but unfortunately, as I said, the body "refuses" to completely replace deep scars with normal tissue. Evolution apparently did not deem it necessary. So far, nothing exists that can completely remove a deep scar.

You should not needle or roll keloid scars. It could make them grow larger.

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i have white bumps like that all over my chin area. i hate them! i have tried microderm, peels, fraxel, erbium, co2 laser as well as retinoids etc. nothing has helped at all its so frustrating because i don't have them anywhere else on my face. there is guy in nyc i might see he does manual Dermabrasion but he did mention also trying radio frequency on a few of them too.

if you are interested the doctor i was telling you about is on realself.com. he is super nice i was able to email him pics and then he told me what he would do and stuff like that. he is very highly rated so i am really thinking about driving to nyc to see him and its an excuse to visit there again.


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