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Red, Dry/dehydrated(Causes Oil), Skin + Eye Problems

Hey guys! Long time lurker here, trying to find someone with similar symptoms, but I decided to finally just post something to try and get some answers.

I've had acne since my sophomore year of high school (Junior in college now), but the type of acne is different. I had typical acne (lots of pimples) and I went to see a dermatologist. She put me on doxycycline, but I underestimated her warning of must wear sunscreen outside and got a really bad sunburn at a cross country meet.

I wasn't too worried though, sunburns weren't so bad I thought, but my skin never recovered from this sunburn. Even after it peeled, the redness remained. Even weeks later people kept saying "looks like you got some sun this weekend". My skin not only turned red, but it changed. All of a sudden it was incredibly dry and flaky, but also very oily minutes after washing it. My acne went out of control at this point, but it was the oilyness of the skin that bothered me most.

Shortly after that, my eyes began acting up and I became unable to wear my contact lenses without pain (still can't to this day). I'm positive it's linked to my skin, as my eyes always feel like somethings in them (dry flaky skin maybe?)

Since then, my skin has gotten slightly less oily, but there's still a layer of oil after a while. Every pore on my face is blocked up with guck that can be squeezed out, skin has lost all elasticity, and the skin gets redder and dryer throughout the day.

My stools also are never solid, my pee's very yellow, and my throats always dry no matter how much water I drink. I think my body is severely dehydrated, but everything i've tried hasn't changed it.

I've tried all sorts of pills and vitamins, every moisturizer imaginable, and eliminating things from my diet. Nothing has worked.

The dermatologist just kept saying that some people have oilier skin than others, completely ignoring other symptoms and the unhealthy look of my skin.

Please help me out guys! Not only do I hate what I see in the mirror, but I'm afraid my face is just the surface of a bigger problem that could lead to permanent damage to my health.

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Has your dermatologist diagnosed you with rosacea? Thats likely what you have. Im assuming you may have tried typical things that are prescribed for rosacea and they didnt help. Everyones skin is different especially those who have rosacea, so you need to pay very close attention to the products you use. I was using a tretinoin cream for my acne, but realized the redness went away 50% when I stopped using it. The doctor put me on soolantra instead (an insecticide). To be honest I dont think that the soolantra has made much of a difference, but it may for you, especially if you also have ocular rosacea. This drug literally just came out in February so id ask about it.

I have the whole bipolar dry to oily skin issue too. I have switched to foam free cleansers with little to no surfectants like sodium layrl sulfate. Almost all cleansers at Walmart are horrible for people with dry sensitive skin. The only thing I have found to work well is either Cerevae Hydrating Cleanser or Cetiphil Cleanser. They do not foam up at all and are more gentle on the skin. I would like to transition to organic/chemical free products, but I am still trying things out. Cerevae Moisterizing Lotion is the only thing that works for keeping my skin flake free. However I am looking into Uncle Harry's Jojaba Cream.

Being gentle on your skin can be difficult when you have clogged pores, but it is very important for reducing the redness and the layer of dry skin, and preventing your skin from overproducing oil. I found that using hemp seed oil actually seemed to make my skin seem dryer ironically. For me, it is better to add it to a miosterizer because my skin needs water not just oil. salcylicic acid helps a little with the clogged pores and skin tone, but Id only suggest Stridex Sensitive or Paulas Choice.

You might also want to research pyrithione zinc cleansers/treatments, probiotics, candidia

*Sorry for all the spelling errors its late and I'm tired* Im still working on my skin but this is what helped so far

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I got eye problem too. It is ocular Rosacea - it may spread to your eyes.

In my case after wearing contact lenses I felt some kind of "sand" in my eye.

Under upper lid it was one dot - "pump" which had to be removed by surgery. It was as big as a tiny salt - I guess 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm :D

Since then I know you must take care of eyes - use high quality products and prevent any dirt.

Do not wear month contact lenses, best daily - they are even tripple more expensive but much safer.

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