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I've had chest and back acne for three years now and I've tried everything to fix it. It has prevented me from doing so many things especially during the summer time. Recently my face has taken a turn for the worse. I have never had a problem but it had gotten so bad I just sit in my room and don't wanna see anyone. I won't let anyone see me without makeup. Even when I do wear makeup I feel insecure and can't look people in the eye. I haven't hung out with my friends in so long but I dont tell them it's because of my face because I don't think they would understand. I know it will get better but right now I'm so upset about it.

I have acne on my back, shoulders and a bit on my arms and it's not a good look at all.. I feel so insecure about my arm acne as well as the acne on my face but I think if people were to look at the acne on my arm they may mistake it for something else if you know what I mean. But other than that I'm insecure about the acne and acne marks on my back because I haven't worn a singlet in my life but I'm planning to wear one sooner or later but I don't think I will soon because those acne marks are discouraging and wouldn't look attractive at all :(

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I think its particularly worse if you're a girl. I have so many female friends that get like 1 tiny blemish and have panic attacks saying they're getting cystic acne, I just laugh :P Anyway, what is the severity of your acne? I'm sure its not that bad considering you're probably over exaggerating it

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Well, as a very insecure person myself a thing I always try and tell myself is that I don't notice other people's skin so much, unless it's perfect, so the probability is people might not notice mine so much. It doesn't help much but it's a start.

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